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Er kang pharmaceutical into xinhua Actively implement the industry for poverty alleviationnew

9Month11Day,Er kang pharmaceutical chairman handsome Wen Yixing into xinhua investigation and research of loudi,Just push xinhua pharmaceutical industry development、Power industrial precision poverty alleviation work carried on the thorough understanding,With xinhua after the group signed a project cooperation...

Scientific research to a new level Er kang pharmaceutical science and technology association meeting victorynew

9Month9Day,Hunan Er - Kang Pharmaceutical Co., ltd. established association for science and technology conference was held in the company,Changsha city association for science and technology of party members、Vice chairman of the king,Service center director RuanPeng member of changsha city experts、Deputy director of the Zhu Shichao,Changsha city enterprises...

Er kang pharmaceutical this side“The ritual”了!The welfare has in place Employees to callnew

To the Mid-Autumn exceptionally bright,People to the festival reunion。9Month9Day,On the occasion of arrival of the Mid-Autumn festival,Company for every hard-working employees to express holiday greetings,And on exclusive holiday package。...

Er kang pharmaceutical chairman handsome put article won the top ten Chinese medicine industry leadersnew

In recent days,2015The pharmaceutical industry in China and the list of the most influential conference2016In Chinese medicine health industry BBS activities was held in chongqing。Throughout the year2015The pharmaceutical industry in China's most influential list in,Chairman of the board of directors of the company...

China pharmaceutical university leading line to er kang pharmaceutical guidance worknew

In order to further deepen the industry-university-institute cooperation,Promote university-enterprise cooperation ability,2Month16Solstice17Day,The secretary of the party committee of China pharmaceutical university elzanaty s、The headmaster came to inspect company to promos rates team。Chairman of the board of directors of the company handsome article、A director、Xiang-feng wang, deputy general manager, etc...

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  • Pharmaceutical excipients and new pharmaceutical excipientsEr kang pharmaceutical has varieties of medicinal materials120A,Main products include medical glycerin、Medicinal ethanol、Medicinal propylene glycol、Sodium hydroxide and medicine sucrose。

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  • Finished productKang Xiang medicine pharmaceutical has all kinds of preparations of varieties148A,The main products are injection with ampicillin sodium(All of them3A specification)And compound liquorice tablets。

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  • Active pharmaceutical ingredientsEr kang pharmaceutical has varieties of active pharmaceutical ingredients43A,The major products:Glycerin、Dilute hydrochloric acid、2 hydroxypropyl theophylline、Sulfonated and ampicillin sodium powder,Contains xiang exs11The varieties of active pharmaceutical ingredients:Sulfadiazine、Sulfaguanidine、Methoxyl benzyl totally、Resorcinol。

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