Industrial co., LTD., established in constant state 1975 Years,The main business of chemical raw materials
Import trade,At present, the following departments:
 Polymer and additives(Including butyl rubber、Elastomer、Ultra high performance plastic)。
 Paint ink。
 Oil additives。
 Fine chemicals(Including the precious metal catalyst)。
 Industrial enzymes and bacteria preparation。
Main business objectives in providing customers improve efficiency、Improve the quality、Reduce the cost and reduce the pollution of the products,Actively develop new products in the spirit of innovation,Develop new market to provide customers a complete solution,Aiming at customer satisfaction and corporate profit growth。
Trip to Hokkaido (2018-06-08)
The 20th China international exhibition on adhesive and sealant (2017-08-24)
Trip to phuket (2017-07-25)
DuPontThe 10th anniversary celebration(2017/3/9The United States) (2017-03-20)
VisitSolvayThe original factory (2017/3/6 Alpharetta) (2017-03-20)
We get the weihai weigao blood purification products co., LTD. Best supplier award (2016-12-26)
The response"For women the red sun" (2016-03-10)
Wuxi20Anniversary (2016-02-16)
Communication management courses (2015-10-19)
Wuxi in adhesive2015.9.15To9.18Take part in2015Adhesive exhibition in China (2015-10-19)
9Month12Wuxi&Suzhou office autumn tourism photo (2015-10-19)
Ma wu du explore forest tour (2014-11-07)
The first22The electronic parts cup softball biguiyuan friendship tournament (2014-11-07)
2014Wuxi&Suzhou tourism employees(Guizhou) (2014-05-05)
2014Dongguan staff travel(Bali) (2014-04-30)
TRUMPHand in handEVONIKThe exhibition together The 18th annual China international coating showCHINACOAT2013 (2013-11-28)
General manager and deputy general manager pan to attendsolvay Tavaux PVDFExpansion (2013-06-05)
Wuxi colleague travel to Seoul, South Korea, 5 (2013-04-25)
Dongguan colleague to Thailand for five days (2013-03-28)
The 17th international coatings show in ChinaCHINACOAT 2012 (2012-12-03)
TRUMPWuxi“8590After the staff management”Training activities (2012-11-22)
The 15th China international exhibition on adhesive and sealant (2012-11-21)
Wuxi adhesiveTeamGo toArizonaShanghai technology center study (2012-09-19)
2012The eighth China(Shanghai)International exhibition of touch screen (2012-07-27)
CPHI China 2012 (2012-07-04)
AQUATECH CHINAShanghai international my (2012-06-18)
Dongguan colleague to xi 'an five day visit (2012-06-06)
Taipei colleagues to mae west 9 (2012-06-06)
Wuxi&Suzhou 6th tour to Taiwan (2012-05-28)
Hot melt adhesive professional peak BBS in China (2012-05-28)
CHINAPLAS 2012 International rubber show (2012-04-25)
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